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math_job_opportunities - Job opportunities for mathematicians

Subject: Job opportunities for mathematicians

Description: This list will be used to announce job opportunities in mathematics and
statistics. Members of this list will include both students and alumni.
Posts to the list will be designed to help find and fill jobs; we hope that
every time a Denison person has a job to offer another Denison person can
get that job. If you have a job to announce or if you're seeking a job and
have experience you’d like to share, please compose the message you'd like
to send to the list and then send it via email to The moderators will then approve it to
go out to the list as a whole. There is also a computer science version of
this list:
From that link, login in the upper left corner (where it says email address
use your Denison username but not the “”) and click Subscribe
on the left-hand panel.

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