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denison_math_alumni - Opportunities for math alumni

Subject: Opportunities for math alumni

Description: This list will be used for announcements to alumni of the Denison
mathematics program. Postings will including periodic newsletters, reunion
information, and other ways to remain connected to our department (expect
about 2 messages per semester). You can Unsubscribe by clicking the link on
the left-hand panel. There is a separate list for job related announcements
including internship/externship opportunities for students, job
opportunities open to other alumni with more experience, or job-seeking. If
you would like to be on that list, please go to
then login in the upper left corner (where it says email address use your
Denison username but not the "") and click Subscribe on the
left-hand panel. There are also computer science versions of these lists
which you are welcome to join:

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